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The Best Places for Massage Therapy in Halifax

  Either if you are living in Halifax and fancy a great massage session after a long week of working, or you are a visitor who wants to take this chance to experience great skills of award-winning massage therapists in Halifax, we present to you the top 4 Spa and Wellness Centres in the area. […]

yoga for beginner

Everything you need to know as a yoga beginner

Are you a beginner in yoga? Yoga is for everyone at any ages, so you don’t need to be afraid of your age, weigh or height. Yoga has the powerful power to calm your mind and strengthen your body. Just with a yoga mat and you can start your yoga journey. Let’s go through something you […]

saune benefit

How Does Sauna Benefit You Inside Out?

What are the worth-mentioning sauna benefits? Have you ever wondered what are those sauna benefits? All around the globe, in almost every culture, we can find a way of utilizing heat as a detoxing or relaxing therapy, from steam baths, hot tubs or hot stone massage, … The key to the majority of these therapies […]

yoga poses

Yoga Poses to Begin Your Yoga Journey

Yoga Poses that do you good It is easy to get confused when you first taking up Yoga, especially if you are practicing at home, as there over 300 poses in just Physical Yoga alone. But don’t give up so early, if you want to begin your Yoga journey but do not know where to […]

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Top affordable hotels in Halifax

Affordable hotels downtown Halifax Planning a trip to Halifax is considered successful if a traveller can tick a check on her to-do list on finding that cheap hotel in Halifax.   If you are planning a tour to Halifax and looking for a cheap, yet comfortable and convenient guest house to stay, the listed hotels below […]

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The Ultimate Vegan Guide in Halifax

Eating out , while being vegan might be a hassle sometimes, but not in Halifax. This maritime city has some of the finest vegan dining to offer. Even if you are more of a meat-lover and have been skeptical of plant-based diet, give it a try and these listed restaurants below might change your mind. […]


Spend Some Time at Oceanside Resort & Spa

So you’ve chosen to escape the busy city and spend some time at Oceanside Resort & Spa— now what? For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Eastern Shore,  take a look at this great blog on Martinique Beach. Martinique Beach is the longest beach in Nova Scotia at 5km long! You can lounge […]


8 Reasons to Visit Halifax Over Any Other Maritime City

For those of you looking to get (re)acquainted with Halifax— whether you’re a local or just visiting for a while— Discover Halifax has you covered. Check out “8 Reasons To Visit Halifax Over Any Other Maritime City” for some serious Hali-inspo.


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