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The Best Places for Massage Therapy in Halifax


Either if you are living in Halifax and fancy a great massage session after a long week of working, or you are a visitor who wants to take this chance to experience great skills of award-winning massage therapists in Halifax, we present to you the top 4 Spa and Wellness Centres in the area.

Top 5 Spa and Wellness Centres for Massage Therapy in Halifax

Spirit Urban Spa: The Spa with Award-Winning Massage Therapists

5150 Salter Street, Unit 200

Established in 2003, the professional team at Spirit Urban includes stylists, therapists, beauticians,.. etc, covering a wide range of services for hair, skin, and body. One of these staff at Spirit Urban – Tricia Elliot was titled the top 3 massage therapist of Halifax in 2013.

At Spirit Urban, you can find anything you need, from massage session to reduce muscle pain to skin treatment to revitalize your skin. Besides high-quality service, Spirit Urban Spa staff have been regarded by customers as very welcoming and friendly.

Worthington Hotel Spa and Sauna: Spa Services from one of the best hotels

78 Clamshell Rd, Musquodoboit Harbour, NS B0J 2L0

Located inside one of the best Boutique Hotels of Halifax, Worthington Hotel Spa, and Sauna brings you the most relaxing spa treatment and massage to make you feel good inside out. You can choose whether to have a full-body massage session with essential oils or a back massage to relieve your recent back pain, the Spa caters a wide range of services including a sauna and other thermo treatment. It does not matter whether you are staying inside the Worthington Hotel or not, you can always come by and enjoy the great services at Worthington Hotel Spa and Sauna. 

Remedy Facial Bar and Spa: Get Both Consultation and Services

5640 Spring Garden Road

Continuously crowned as Best Spa Runner-up from 2009-2014 by The Coast’s Best of Halifax by Reader Choice Awards, Remedy Facial Bar and Spa is definitely one of the top picks when it comes to massage therapy in Halifax. 

One of the best features at Remedy Spa would be its professional analysis of each customer’s skin and body situation before recommending or delivering any treatment. Moreover, the spa also collects 3% of your total bill to save as credit for your next visit, which gives great incentive for customers to return. After 19 years of operation since 2000, Remedy Facial Bar and Spa has successfully built a great community of loyal customers.

The Summit Day Spa: celebrating its 29th birthday soon

5495 Spring Garden Road

One of the best-reviewed Spa and Wellness Centres by both visitors and citizens of Halifax, the Summit Day Spa is professional in skincare, stress-relieving massage sessions as well as hair removal. This spa can be considered as one of the most well-established spas in the area as it is celebrating the 29th anniversary this year in 2019. Besides a wide range of popular skin treatment and stress-relieving sessions, Summit Day spa offers unique Maritime focused Trio services using “wild and organic Canada seaweed, seawater and sea mud”, which you can only experience at Summit Day Spa. 

In addition to beauty services, Summit Day also distributes and ships worldwide various high-quality skincare products, which are carefully picked and recommend by professionals.


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