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How Does Sauna Benefit You Inside Out?

What are the worth-mentioning sauna benefits?

Have you ever wondered what are those sauna benefits? All around the globe, in almost every culture, we can find a way of utilizing heat as a detoxing or relaxing therapy, from steam baths, hot tubs or hot stone massage, … The key to the majority of these therapies is sweating, which is believed to bring about noticeable health benefits. 

One of the oldest, yet also the most long-lasting and still in vogue today would be Saunas. In Finland- the country with the most sunas in the world, there are around 3.3 million saunas for 5.3 million people, according to statistics, over 1 million saunas are also in use in the United States. 

A typical Sauna room is just simply a wooden room with an electrical heater to keep the heat at around 80 Celsius Degree at ground floor and boost it up to 180 Degrees at the ceiling. The temperature might sound a bit insane, yet as the heat in a Sauna is dry heat, humidity is only around 10-20%, you can sweat off the toxins safely.

It goes without saying how popular Sauna is but is it really that beneficial? and how does Sauna actually make you healthier and happier?

Sauna helps cleanse toxins in your body: that cleansing sauna benefit that puts its name of the map

You might think that we sweat almost daily, then what is the difference? however, sweating in Sauna is deep sweating, which is significantly more influential than natural sweating. As you stay in a Sauna room, your core body temperature would begin to increase as well, resulting in the surge of blood flow. As the heat from the blood increases, the body produces sweat, which aims to cool down the body temperature. Deep sweating with Sauna Baths can help to detox our body by releasing chemicals such as mercury, lead, copper,.. absorbed during our daily life, through extreme sweating.

Sauna improves the cardiovascular system: the “heartfelt” goodie people may forget

There have been various research and paper associating frequent sauna bathing with reduced risks of heart disease or cardiovascular-related issues such as high blood pressure. According to Mayo Clinic Proceedings’ report in 2018, two indicated experiments by Lee et al and Laukkanen et al, studying on 100 men and women (56% men; age, 32-75 years) with at least 1 cardiovascular risk factor reported improvement in both systolic Blood Pressure and diastolic Blood Pressure after repeated sauna sessions

Sauna reduces stress and improves sleeping performance: the most satisfying sauna benefit you deserve

It comes as no surprise that various of our diseases today are related to high stress level. The concept of staying in a quiet, warm sauna om makes the whole body feel more relaxed and enables our mind to distance itself from the outside world. 

Sauna has been believed to help dealing with stress and anxiety-related issues such as depression. Due to high heat in Sauna Bathing, the body releases endorphins. The body temperature as well as endorphins elevate gradually as the day goes by. The relaxing decline in endorphins facilitate deeper sleeping, people often report better sleeping experience after a sauna session

Sauna cleanse skin and burns calories: the ultimate beauty sauna benefit

Skin detoxing by heat bathing dates back to thousand years ago in human history. The dry heat in sauna rooms opens up the pore and flush toxins through sweat, dead skin cell are also replaced during this process. Moreover, sauna helps with blood circulation, which revitalizes the skin and makes it looks more lively.

“A moderately conditioned person can easily sweat off 500 grams in a sauna in a single session, consuming nearly 300 calories in the process.”, said U.S. Army medical research (Ward Dean, M.D.). As the process of sweating requires quite a bit of energy to converse fat and carbohydrate. Therefore, sauna is also used as an assisting weight-loss method together with diet and exercising.

Have these few major benefits convinced you to book a Sauna Session and try it out yourself?

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